Welcome to Bookmycarservice!

Bookmycarservice FAQ's!

1. What is Bookmycarservice?

Bookmycarservice is solution provider for your car problems. Bookmycarservice gives you specified list of services to choose, curated list of workshops to pick at the best price. Bookmycarservice works closely with the workshops to ensure the quality of services

2. Why Bookmycarservice?

Bookmycarservice has dived deep into various car problems which are overlooked or in most cases, included under a broader category such as car service. This gives a user less option and is bound to give the car for servicing with a heavy price. Bookmycarservice captures specific list of car problems and services, which the user can choose based on the requirement. These specific offerings have a standard rate which has been gathered and calculated from various workshops. This helps the user to understand his / her specific requirement and only solve that instead of buying a package offer at a higher price. Bookmycarservice also ensured quality by providing a list of well curated workshops who are popular for their services.

3. Who are the members? What is their experience?

Bookmycarservice is founded by by automobile enthusiasts, technology experts and simply car lovers.

4. How do I trust the garage? What if they change the car parts?

As mentioned, Bookmycarservice curates the best garages from each location. In addition, Bookmycarservice will closely monitor and supervise each car in each garage to ensure no such fraud incidents occur. Bookmycarservice will also provide you real-time updates if required

5. Who gives the quotes?

For dent and paint, the quotes are directly obtained from the workshops, depending on the damage. In Scheduled and Running maintenance, the rates are provided by Bookmycarservice. These are estimates and mostly set at the maximum.

6. How long does it take to fix an emergency service?

Cars are never a problem when you have Bookmycarservice!