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I Will Tell You About Car General Service In The Next 60 Seconds.

Car General Service / Car Periodic Service / Car Oil Service

Frequency: Every 12 months Or 10000km

1. Check Headlights, Park light, Indicators, Fog light.
2. Check Horn, Front and back Wiper working, Wiper water motor working.
3. Check all rear lights.
4. Check roof light.
5. Check all power window.
6. Check AC blower and cooling.
7. Check parking brake.
8. Check Clutch pedal level.
9. Inspect and clean battery terminal.
10. Inspect and top-up engine coolant, Brake fluid, Power steering fluid.
11. Washer fluid refill.
12. Replace Air filter.
13. Inspect and clean Brake pad,Brakes shoe, Brake cylinder caliper working.
14. Inspect Shock absorber for any leakage.
15. Adjust parking brake if required.
16. Replace engine oil filter,Replace engine oil.
17. Inspect Underbody damage if any.
18. Check Silencer, ball joint, drive shaft and bushes.
19. Inspect and clean AC filter.
20. Clean and Correct Wiper nozzle if required.
21.Check Wiper Blades.
22. Body wash Interior Vaccumming.

Car General Service Price Starting From Rs.2999 inclusive of Taxes.

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